19 January 2010

Art Opening for my husband David Johson Vandenberg

The opening for David's show is Thursday evening at Tansey Gallery(formerly Mountain Shadow Gallery) from 5-7:30. New work by our long-time friend Doug Shelton will also be showing.

For more information about the gallery and its location go to  Tansey Gallery.

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30 December 2009

Art Classes Starting in January

It's the New Year and a good time to finally learn to draw or paint.

Classes are forming now in Beginning Drawing, Beginning and Intermediate Oil Painting.

For lots more info click here.


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11 November 2009

Open Studio Tour Nov 14th and 15

Come see me during the Open Studio Tour this weekend. For information about the tour go to http://www.tucsonopenstudios.com/ost/index.html.

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05 July 2009

David's First Sculpture

After David met renowned sculptor Merlin Cohen and visited his studio, he couldn't wait to start carving himself. This is his first sculpture, made from alabaster. It measures 10x8x12. Click here to see larger images.

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20 June 2009

Grijalva Park Dedication

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13 May 2009

Grijalva Park Update

The painting of the figures for the poles is complete and they will be attached tomorrow morning. I tried to keep with a complementary color for the base/cap, and the plan is to pair the cap color with a pole of analogous color.
The only way to work outside in Tucson is to start by at least 6:00 am, so I've become a morning person again.

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05 May 2009

Grijalva Park Update

Jerry Castillo went back to Austin, Texas to work on a commission, so I've been working with Ben Olmstead to finish up the steel pieces. Now I have to paint. It was a learning experience painting the poles, so I feel a little more confident about painting.

The caps under the smaller figures will be plug-welded to the larger posts which will mean I will need to paint those on site.

Showing below are three of the six larger pieces that will be bracketed to light poles. The children will go by the playground, the runners on the walking track and last by the ramada-I just had to put the ant in.

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07 April 2009

Grijalva Park Update

Today was painting day for the steel posts. These puppies are eleven feet long and weigh 100 pounds each. Notice the picture of Jerry carrying one of the ten posts to the saw horses. I don't know how he did it!!

We began with wiping each one down liberally with mineral spirits followed by an application of metal primer. We are using Rust Stop oil-based paints, used primarily by sign painters. This paint has a reputation for long-lasting color which is
important in this Tucson sun.

The colors of the posts follow a modified color spectrum. The community wanted bright colors and they're gonna get it. I will be doing another application of paint over the next few days. I was pretty wiped out physically today; the temperature read just above the 90 degree point---whew!

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04 April 2009

Grijalva Park

I recently experienced wiping out every painting I have done for several weeks. Needless to say, I welcomed the diversion of giving my attention to the public art for the new Grijalva Park in the Midvale neighborhood here in Tucson.

This is a view of the park as it is now, from the recently poured skateboard park.

I am fortunate to be working with Jerry Castillo, who is doing the plasma cutting of the steel figures.

Everything will be painted in bright colors. This is one of ten figures that will be on top of 8 foot steel posts separating the park from the adjacent Grijalva Elementary School.

In addition, there will be six large pieces that will be attached to light poles for signage: basketball and volleyball courts, skateboard park, ramada, playground and walking trail.

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01 March 2009

Teaching and Lovin' It

I just finished a six-week session with beginning oil painting students and I think you will be as amazed as me when you see their progress. Please take a moment and look at the slide-shows.

This week promises to be a busy one. The live auction for the guitars for the Tucson Symphony is Saturday evening at the Star Pass Resort, and I still don't know what I'm going to wear;-) I scraped out almost all of the small paintings I did last week; maybe I was being hypercritical. Painting is an isolated experience that demands full attention and incredible discipline. When I was becoming unusually frustrated, I found myself doing really stupid things I knew I shouldn't do, and of course it was downhill from there.

I prefer to acknowledge these episodes as learning experiences. Tomorrow is another day, and also the chance to do a good painting.

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