04 February 2006

Up for Air

Gee, where do I start? I'm glad to be back because it means my life has slowed down enough to get back to things I enjoy most. I took a grad class during the fall semester which turned out to be a grueling endeavor sucking most of my time and energy. I did get an A, but it was the hardest A I ever earned.

Lots and lots of great stuff has happened over the last few months and I am confident 2006 is going to be an exciting and fulfilling year in many ways.

Okay, so what's been goin' on: David was in a show at Liz Hernandez; I was selected for my first public art piece; I was surprised and delighted to be inducted into the Sunnyside School District Hall of Fame; Northwest Medical Center in Tucson purchased a painting for their collection; and even though I didn't get to paint much last semester, Renee Taylor has been selling paintings.

Linger awhile and check out the pics below.

Connie and Jinou next to David's painting at the Liz Hernandez Gallery. The painting, "Lance and Crab" is a continuation of David's obsession with Shakespeare and is based on characters from Shakespeare's Two Men of Verona. If you have never read this play, at least skim the parts about the dog-one of the best laughs I have ever had.

This is the public art design for the new Lawrence Community Center.

It will be approxiatemately 3 feet by 18 feet and constructed of overlapping painted steel.

Picture from the Sunnyside School District Hall of Fame Induction dinner. It was a very special evening. It was a surprise when Dad, sister and niece showed up from Albuquerque to attend.

Christmas is my favorite day of the year. This is the table set for dinner.

Students from my video class helping me celebrate my birthday. I told them to pose as their "true selves". They are the funniest and smartest people I know.

Painting recently purchased by the Northwest Medical Center.

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