30 July 2005

Draw On Line

At You Draw Online Drawing you can can use their drawing pad to submit a drawing to their site. You can also do a drawing on their email pad and send it to someone. Cool.

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28 July 2005

Watercolorist Joseph Raffael

Joseph Raffael is an amazing watercolorist. I enjoyed lookiing at his work. Check out the studio images where you can see much of his work in progress. The painting below is more than six feet in width. It must be stunning to view.

Pond for F. Garcia Lorca 76x76

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25 July 2005

Prickly Pear Fruit Painting

It's finished. Oil on ragcoate, 29x39
Let me know what you think.

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23 July 2005

I'm not ready for this, are you?

This is for those who don't keep company and definitely don't like to keep company with themselves. Its A.L.I.C.E.Bot, from the Artificial Intelligence Foundation. Choose from three different bots that you can chat with 24/7! The only one I thought actually beneficial was the handsome ESL bot so you can endlessly practice speaking English.

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19 July 2005

Customize Your Own Postage Stamps

You heard it right, and they're USPO-approved. At either zazzle.com or stamps.com you can personalize your own postal stamps. Including shipping, it comes to around a dollar per stamp.
And if you want to sell your customizied stamps to the world, you can do that at cafe press.

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16 July 2005

Create a Panorama from Your Photos

autostitchThis is a cool program. When you go to the site, the first page will show you the process as well as a gallery of examples. And there is a FREE DEMO you can download.

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13 July 2005

WWI Death Certificate Image and Explanation

The certificate, which you will find below, was given to us to research by our good friend and photographer, Steve Torregrossa. This is a death certificate for Karl Lorenz,1915,the great grandfather of one of his clients who had no information about it. This brought tears to my eyes, but I want you to know that if it was a British, French, American, Russian or Turk soldier, my eyes would tear just the same.The document indicates he was a substitute reservist in infantry regiment No.90, and bears an original signature by Kaiser Wilhelm.

We spent hours on the net doing searches in German and getting close but not close enough. I am indebted to the information I received from Franz Schöllhorn who answered my query on a German military history forum.
This regiment went everywhere: August 1914 from Schleswig-Holstein to Belgium,successivve months saw action France and then in July of 1915, the regiment was transferred to Russia where they fought on the Narev River, where Lorenz was killed in action.
Now, this is interesting because if he had lived, he would have been fighting in September in Verdun on Sector Hill 304, which saw the most gruesome of fighting.
This regiment fought up until the Armistice. I am curious now as to how many men were originally in the regiment and how many were left by 1917.I fear not too many.

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11 July 2005


I love this browser. No more IE for me. I read somewhere to give yourself a week with firefox and you will be hooked. One day for this Internet junkie. You won't go back.
Lots of advantages and easy to download. You will need to purchase the upgrade to IE 7 when it comes out so switch now-firefox

I have been busy! Started my second graduate class. Sheesh. Got an A on the last one, of course. I do have OCD you know, so I can't help it;-)

Pics to come soon. Promise.

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06 July 2005

Free Vlog or Blog Video FOR FREE

Free Vlog
You gotta check this out.Just like its name says, its for free! Including uploads. The people that run it are passionate to say the least. I'm going to check this out when I have a chance. For me looks like a great way to offer live painting demonstrations.

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05 July 2005

What's on the easel and fireworks

David survived barbequeing carne asada last night in the 100 degree heat of the evening. Yes, the sun was already down. Great fireworks display from the golf course across the wash. I marinaded chicken too-limes, lemons, beer, onions, garlic.
Now that is good!

Here is what is on the easel for David. It is interesting I think to see how he works on the burnt umber underpainting. The drawing itself is done with white charcoal.

Rebecca is going to summer school and working as an assistant with a public art project, but she is also trying to finish this painting. She doesn't get to work on it enough. I LIKE IT!

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03 July 2005

Jinou's pots

Busy weekend; busy is good.

The pot with the fish relief had too much glaze on it so it didn't get fired, but this is what Jinou did pick up last night.

Here are two more carved and reliefed pieces ready for bisque firing.

Crackers was a little jealous that Baby got her picture in the blog first. Crackers is the oldest studio cat, and deserved more than second billing.

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02 July 2005

Best Site Building Program I've Seen

July 2nd, who could believe it. You don't need to be bored this summer looking for something to do. Build the website you've been thinking of doing but just haven't done yet.

I love this site, called Site Build It. You don't have to know html, or have a web authoring program. Everything is built right in.
It is virtually impossible to mess it up. If you don't know anything about spiders, robots, search engine optimaiztion, domains, meta tags, this is place for you.

I like them because they're honest. They want you to be successful. Good writing and good content that you are excited about is stressed. I don't know of any other site like them. You can even do a free trial.

If building a site is something you have been thinking about, check them out. Site Build It

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