22 December 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas and a Prayer Request

David and I spent the day cleaning house while listening to Christmas music. I really wanted to go to the studio and continue a painting of pansies I started.

For those of you inclined to prayer, which I greatly believe in, please include the little boy across our street named Taylor, a two-year-old who has just been diagnosed with cancer of the eye. The tumor in/around his eye is 12mm and they are hoping to shrink it to 6mm and then I guess operate or freeze it. His father told us this morning that he has a permanent bruise on his forehead from falling down all the time. They didn't realize that he had almost no vision out of one eye.

Before going to his first chemo today, he came over with his Dad and delighted in spreading snow over the people in our Christmas village.

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