13 July 2005

WWI Death Certificate Image and Explanation

The certificate, which you will find below, was given to us to research by our good friend and photographer, Steve Torregrossa. This is a death certificate for Karl Lorenz,1915,the great grandfather of one of his clients who had no information about it. This brought tears to my eyes, but I want you to know that if it was a British, French, American, Russian or Turk soldier, my eyes would tear just the same.The document indicates he was a substitute reservist in infantry regiment No.90, and bears an original signature by Kaiser Wilhelm.

We spent hours on the net doing searches in German and getting close but not close enough. I am indebted to the information I received from Franz Schöllhorn who answered my query on a German military history forum.
This regiment went everywhere: August 1914 from Schleswig-Holstein to Belgium,successivve months saw action France and then in July of 1915, the regiment was transferred to Russia where they fought on the Narev River, where Lorenz was killed in action.
Now, this is interesting because if he had lived, he would have been fighting in September in Verdun on Sector Hill 304, which saw the most gruesome of fighting.
This regiment fought up until the Armistice. I am curious now as to how many men were originally in the regiment and how many were left by 1917.I fear not too many.

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Blogger Ubilate said...

That is a beautiful document.

07 September, 2005 15:56  
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nice document,thanks...

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