25 July 2005

Prickly Pear Fruit Painting

It's finished. Oil on ragcoate, 29x39
Let me know what you think.

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Anonymous Lifecruiser said...

It's so good so we thought it was a photo at first sight :-)

Excellent work. We're especielly fond of the choice of object, the cactus is magnificent - even in other photos we've seen!

18 August, 2005 12:37  
Blogger Ubilate said...

I love it. The red seems to just pop against the soft greens of the cactus.

07 September, 2005 16:00  
Blogger Willie In Arizona said...

Pretty cool. I saw a woodpecker going to town on berries just a ripe and pretty as these this past weekend.

I bet he'd go nuts trying to eat your painting.

13 December, 2005 14:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good work mrs Semanick, but one day I will be as good as you!!!!! :)

18 March, 2007 13:13  
Anonymous Daniel said...

Awesome painting. It's gorgeous.

14 October, 2008 21:26  

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