02 July 2005

Best Site Building Program I've Seen

July 2nd, who could believe it. You don't need to be bored this summer looking for something to do. Build the website you've been thinking of doing but just haven't done yet.

I love this site, called Site Build It. You don't have to know html, or have a web authoring program. Everything is built right in.
It is virtually impossible to mess it up. If you don't know anything about spiders, robots, search engine optimaiztion, domains, meta tags, this is place for you.

I like them because they're honest. They want you to be successful. Good writing and good content that you are excited about is stressed. I don't know of any other site like them. You can even do a free trial.

If building a site is something you have been thinking about, check them out. Site Build It

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