12 June 2005


So I started trying to do the syndication thing with the blog yesterday afternoon and then realized it was time to go throw pots. Good night. I'll have pictures next week. Jinou is throwing 'em bigger each time, and Connie is working on a waterlilly relief using one of Jinou's pots.

Oh, yeah, anyway, I started again this morning and I kept doing the same thing with the path to the atom file, etc., and I just could not get it to validate. I feel stupid now, 'cause it was a quotation mark in the WRONG PLACE!!!!!!!! When will I learn to triple read those things??? Attention to detail is an understatement when doing this stuff. (Ever do that exercise where you have to count how many f's there are in a sentence, and you never get it right?)

So, went to feedburner next, and now I should be available to the entire world; oh my. That is a humbling feeling in many respects.

Oh, and the papers. At this point I am almost two weeks ahead so this week is a painting only week, and the slovensko web site at night.

Its a good thing I stopped watching television years ago. I don't know how people do it; how do you get anything done when watch you watch TV??????????? More on TV as the opiate of the people in a later post.

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