20 June 2005

Summer, On the Easel and Sky Harbor Airport

It's official. It's summer. Now here in the Baked Apple, as we so appropriately refer to our berg, it has been summer for quite a while.

I've been putting in the hours on my Dad's website. I like feedback so if you go there, leave me a comment about it.

I finished the red amaryllis which will be used for the 2006 Tucson Winter Chamber Music festival.

On the Easel: I have just finished a block in of prickly pear fruits. Oil on ragcoate paper(30x40).You don't have to prime the paper with gesso. It feels like working on smooth masonite. On the first layer, the paint is difficult to move around but after that dries(one day) it becomes a great surface to work on. And I like the luminosity it gives the painting.

Sky Harbor Airport: I will be driving up to Phoenix tomorrow to deliver a painting to Sky Harbor Airport they purchased for their collection. I'm really excited about it. It is also done on ragcoate paper. I'm doing the one of the prickly pear fruits in hopes they will want a companion piece. Sheila Kollasch is the museum assistant for the airport- a great person and a darn good artist herself.

You can really see the difference her of what happens after several more layers of paint on the paper.

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Anonymous Kristen Stevens said...

Hey Brenda,
I think that you are so great! With your website and all of your paintings has inspired me to start painting with watercolors! I know it's hard and all but I was wondering what you would need to start with? Just the table and the elementary eight color watercolor set? Or should I try to find a hobbie shop and get a more expencive set? Also I think that in your new work section that the Casa Bonita, Taos Pueblo, and the Amaryllis are all very beautiful, I LOVE THE SHADOWING! Anyway I've been having a blast looking at your site and everything so if you could get back to me that would be great! My email is FreshFrostybmx@yahoo.com

Thanks Alot!
-Kristen Stevens

19 July, 2005 22:13  

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