05 June 2005


I had anticipated with great eagerness all week to throw pots last night. It's been four weeks and I was a little rusty but managed to get out two bowls and two short vases, short because I had to keep trimming the tops off.
Jinou was throwing big ones, doggoneit, and asked me if I had thrown an amphora for David yet.

Right now, throwing on the wheel is the only activity in my life which allows me to not think about anything else. It's also an excuse to get dirty. I end up with clay all over me, my face, hair, and anyone nearby.

The lesson is not to become attached to what you are making, because it can fall apart at any time in the process. Sorta kinda like life, huh? It's the process, the moment, the now. No preconceptions. Like painting, it shuts off the verbal thinking process in your mind. That is a nice place to be.

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