29 June 2005

Paintings and Pots

The mercury has been steadily rising.
Here is the second layer of the prickly pear painting, oil on ragcoate, 30x40. Working on the third layer now, and there will be a fourth.

Here is my good friend Jinou holding one of his beautiful relief pots, at greenware stage.

A close up of another relief.

And I can't wait to see this one!!! Just glazed, with fish in relief.

David and Rebecca looking up 19th century Japanese wood block artist from an original 1890's book with attached original wood block prints. Rebecca speaks Japanese, but it took them several hours to locate Hosai, 1848-1920. He went by several names: also known as Kunisada III, Toyokuni IV/V and Kunimasa IV. More investigation and they learned that each one could fetch around $250. Not bad. The book was going to be thrown out by the owner.

And of course studio cat Baby, is helping.

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