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Favorite Links for
Art Teachers

My Favorite Links for Art Teachers

Okay, get a cup of coffee, a diet coke or a potent potable, sit back and relax ‘cause this is gonna be fun, I promise.If you have a great site that should be added to this list, email me with it. And, pass the word on to others.

The Incredible Art Department
-many lessons to choose from; most are very good.

High School

Middle School



Drawing basics free tutorials fun and good

Charcoal and pencil drawings

Pencil portrait drawing, outstanding

Portrait tutorial site, free

Elements of Art and Principles of Design

good stuff on elements and foundations with great examples

art studio chalk board, good stuff

visual elements and principles

more elements and principles

excellent source for elements and principles
be sure to check out the other lesson links at the top of the page

another good one on elements

Effecting mood and emotion using design elements

Sensation and perception, interesting stuff

good comprehensive site from Sanford


great lesson on abstraction

abstract expressionism


watercolor lessons on line free

world of watercolor free tips and articles

watercolor floral demo-great

watercolor lessons free

watercolor and complements, excellent


painting of a rose the way the old masters did it, great

Color Pencil

color pencil


great color theory lesson

Much color info and fun

Color and mood

The psychology of color

More color psychology

Uh, some more color psych

Color psych from pantone

The original Luscher Color TEST

Color Psych and Web Design

More meaning of color

More color and mood

Even more color

Different stuff on color

There are two self-discovery tests here that are uncannily accurate; check out archetype and color mood ananlysis

Cool Art Teachers with neat stuff

Bob Kling Indianola H.S.  art teacher/artist

Ken Schwab   art teacher and artist 

Noreen Strehlow: this woman has a fabulous site but you really have to navigate wisely. Full of great stuff!!!! I have tried to email her but the link does not work.

an interesting site by a guy who claims to be the best art teacher in the universe

Other Stuff

Eyes on Art

photoshop tutorials

web sites of interest for art teachers

art ed links, good, annotated

lots’o links, updated frequently

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